• WELCOME to the Pepe Protocol. On this journey, we will encourage holders to stake their tokens to receive rewards in staking Dapp. Pepe Protocol will offer excellent APR's in the stake pools, the team also thinks about longevity, so it will be healthy for the project. Will this be the new X100 or X1000 gem, at least that's what the team plans to deliver to everyone who believes in the process.
  • With the meme-token season, many people are taking advantage of the hype to profit, but most tokens will probably not survive because they are short-term. This is one of the reasons the team has to be different. We created a rewards protocol with longevity in mind. In addition to seeking the Biggest pump X1000+, holders will also be able to earn a lot from the APR by staking their tokens.
  • Pepe Protocol will launch on BNB Smart Chain after Fair-Launch on PinkSale. The BSC network was chosen as the main way to trade because it has lower fees and is more inclusive of everyone.

Pepe Protocol: Innovation Zone

  • Access the Innovation Zone tab and discover new solutions and products that are being developed for the Pepe Protocol ecosystem.

Challenges and solutions

  • After years in the market, many people are still prejudiced against meme-tokens, Pepe Protocol has arrived to show that utility and hype together will always work.
  • With Pepe Staking Dapp, everyone who believes in the project will be able to profit in 2 ways: hype-pump and income.
  • Long-term meme-tokens with a serious team can deliver great results, with massive marketing and community support Pepe Protocol can reach important listings in major CEX.
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